Cult of Youth: The Devil’s Coals


Sold out

Cult of Youth

The Devil’s Coals

Format: 7"
Label: Blind Prophet

“The Devil’s Coals” is a stark and passionate battle cry against the sins of the world and the desire to take the easy way out. Lush, dark, and invigorating, it marks the triumph of the individualist human spirit over the landfill called culture that grows all around us. It is arguably the best thing that Cult of Youth has put to wax and continues to push things forward into a new territory that owes as much to Code of Honor as it does to Current 93. The B side, “Sidestreets,” shows an entirely different side of the band. It is a cover of a song by fellow Brooklyn musician Martial Canterel rearranged and performed entirely without synths of any kind. A dancefloor hit, perhaps, but also a sign of friendship and admiration for ones peers. The Devil’s Coals is limited to 500 copies and comes with a download code. SOLD OUT FROM THE LABEL.

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