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The Pink Noise: Dream Code front

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The Pink Noise

Dream Code

Format: LP
Catalog #: SBR-005
Side A:
  1. The Put On
  2. Bubble Over
  3. Animals
  4. Ithaca
  5. Bone Zoo
  6. Jungle Cat
  7. Dead Glitter Sun
Side B:
  1. Red Heart
  2. Micro
  3. Shock Me Alive
  4. Cobra Snake
  5. Wunderkinder
  6. Eyeball
  7. Aircar

The first full-length release from this French Canadian guitar and electronics duo. Those who caught their track on Almost Ready’s “World’s Lousy With Ideas Volume 2” comp have been craving another fix. Drum machines, pop-hooks, processed guitars, distorted vocals, boombox recording aesthetic.

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