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Vermillion Sands: Miss My Gun

Standard Edition: $12

Vermillion Sands

Miss My Gun

Format: 12" EP
Catalog #: SBR-026
Side A:
  1. Where Was He From
  2. Miss My Gun
  3. I Need No One
Side B:
  1. Mixed Up
  2. Disappear Channel

The second installment in the Sacred Bones 12-inch EP series comes from Treviso, Italy’s Vermillion Sands who sound like they could be the house band at the dystopian oceanside resort that features prominently in the J.G. Ballard short story collection from which the group takes their name. The Vermillion Sands’ ramshackle female fronted country tinged garage rock gives off some serious Mekons-meets-Headcoatees vibes or a femme fronted counterpart to the records Dan Melchoir has been pumping out as of late. Reverbed whips and twangs and a little mouth harp underlie some serious hooks and melodies. Look out for the debut full length out soon of Fat Possum.

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