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The Pink Noise: Birdland

Standard Edition: $14

Limited Edition: $20

The Pink Noise


Format: LP
Catalog #: SBR-029
Side A:
  1. Get High (Love is the drug)
  2. Oh Caroline
  3. Crystal Ball
  4. Crystal Skull
  5. Step in a New Skin
  6. Love Magic
  7. Sludge
  8. Blinded by Arcade Lights
Side B:
  1. New Feelings
  2. In Modern Colours
  3. Pure Candy
  4. Treasure of the Arabian Nights
  5. Do the Shimmer Slither
  6. Rube for You
  7. The Hallow Gods

This is the deluxe remastered LP edition of the previously cassette only release on Beniffer Editions. It is their third official full length, described as “a totally peaced out collection of destructo boombox symphonies.” Sounds about right to us. This French Canadian duo, who’s output has been prolific already—two full lengths, two cassettes, a single and an appearance on the “World’s Lousy Vol. 2” comp—is mining territory similar to Chrome and Suicide channeled through warm layers of fuzz and broken Casio beats.

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