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Mac Blackout: Don’t Let Your Love Die

Standard Edition: $5

Mac Blackout

Don’t Let Your Love Die

Format: 7"
Catalog #: SBR-038
Side A:
  1. Don’t Let Your Love Die
Side B:
  1. Sometimes

Sacred Bones presents a new solo single from ex-Functional Blackouts and current Daily Void man Mac Blackout that sounds that could have been made either in the year 1980 or 2980. “Don’t Let Your Love Die,” a driving synth driven tune that almost goes pop—albeit in a very Alexander Robotnik kind of way—sounds like it might as well have been recorded on an NES console. On the B-side “Sometimes” is a dirge like midtempo song that goes beyond the obvious comparisons to the Helios Creed/Damon Edge orbit and at times recalls Sacred Bones label-mate Gary War and even Mac’s other project, Daily Void.

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