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Christmas Island / Meth Teeth: Split

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Christmas Island / Meth Teeth


Format: 2x7"
Catalog #: SBR-043
Christmas Islans:
  1. Ex-Beach
  2. Drawing Skulls
Meth Teeth
  1. Don’t Come Home
  2. Control

Having already released singles for HoZac and Sweet Rot and debut full-lengths for Woodsist and In The Red respectively, we’re finally ready to roll out the long awaited double 7-inch from Meth Teeth and Christmas Island. These two West Coast bands offer opposing sides of the same coin. San Diego’s Christmas Island don’t play holiday music, but they do offer two sides of shambling melodic guitar-and-xylophone driven bubblegum garage. The poppy vibes of the A-side “Ex-Beach” coupled with “Drawing Skulls,” a revved up slide-driven stomper serve as a counterpoint to Portland’s downer folk stalwarts Meth Teeth. Their dirge-like “Don’t Come Home” is coupled with “Control” a song whose loner vibes might be the last thing you’d want to hear while jacked outta your mind on amphetamines. Sadly Meth Teeth are now defunct but their core member Mattey Hunter continues to be active in the Portland scene and his new band, No, is even harder to google. Christmas Island toured with Wavves last year in addition to several headlining jaunts of their own.

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