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Twelve Dark Noons: A film by Jacqueline Castel

Standard Edition: $15.00

Includes hand-silk-screened packaging with film still acetate, wax seal and over an hour of special features. Hand-numbered in an edition of 200.

Sold out

Twelve Dark Noons

A film by Jacqueline Castel

Format: DVD
Catalog #: SBR-076

Sacred Bones Records is proud to present its first film production with the DVD release of Twelve Dark Noons, an experimental short film in twelve chapters. Set against the backdrop of the Australian Outback,Twelve Dark Noons is a character study of a lone man, lost in an unforgiving desert terrain with nothing but a suitcase and fragments of his unraveling memory. As memories unfold and reality dissolves, the film’s scenery transforms into a psychological dreamscape haunted by a mysterious woman hidden in the dunes. Equal measure horror film, music video, and homage to the psychedelic cinema of the 1970s, Twelve Dark Noons is an experiment in existential dread.

Sydney, Australia’s Naked on the Vague’s core duo, Lucy & Matthew, star in the film and contribute a darkly hypnotic psychedelic score, a perfect companion to the surreal landscapes lensed by director Jacqueline Castel (filmmaker and in-house music video director for Sacred Bones). Co-produced by Caleb Braaten of Sacred Bones Records and Shawn Reed of Iowa City imprint Night People, Twelve Dark Noons features arresting collage artwork by Reed and the nurturing hand and creative direction of Braaten, who presents the film for the very first time.

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