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Moon Duo: Circles Remixed

Available at your local record store on April 20 for Record Store Day!

Moon Duo

Circles Remixed

Format: LP
Catalog #: SBR-097
  1. Free Action (Tom Furse mix)
  2. Trails (White Rainbow Trail Blazer edition)
  3. Sleepwalker (Zombie Zombie mix)
  4. I Been Gone (Life Coach mix)
  5. I Can See: (K-X-P live mix)
  6. Ville Cranian (Circles) (Sun Araw)
  7. Sparks (Eric Copeland mix)
  8. Rolling Out (Umbero mix)

Hand screen-printed and glued “Folkways Style” sleeve. Limited to 200 copies.

Moon Duo&$8217;s Mazes Remixed album went over so well that Ripley and Sanae decided to do it again and the results this time are even better and weirder than the first time round. With help from friends such as Eric Copeland (Black Dice), Sun Araw, Zombie Zombie, White Rainbow and others this reinterpretation of Circles is as engaging as the original studio versions.

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