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13th Chime: The Lost Album (LP)

LP: $16.00

13th Chime: Complete Discography (CD)

CD: $14.00

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13th Chime

The Lost Album & Complete Discography

Format: LP (The Lost Album) / CD (Complete Discography)
Catalog #: SBR-3003 & SBR-3004
Side A:
  1. Two as a Couple
  2. Sarah’s Got a Chainsaw
  3. House of Laughter
  4. Fire
  5. Radio Man
Side B:
  1. Help Me Street
  2. Keep in Pace
  3. Sally Ditch
  4. Hide and Seek
CD Tracklist:
  1. Cuts of Love
  2. Coffin Maker
  3. Cursed
  4. Dug Up
  5. Tinker Man
  6. Fire
  7. Hide and Seek
  8. Sally Ditch
  9. 13th Victim
  10. Radio Man (demo)
  11. Two as a Couple
  12. Sarah’s Got a Chainsaw
  13. House of Laughter
  14. Fire
  15. Radio Man
  16. Help Me Street
  17. Keep in Pace
  18. Sally Ditch
  19. Hide and Seek
  20. Pigs

Earlier this year Sacred Bones released the singles collection from 13th Chime which collected the scant few recordings released during their brief lifetime as well as a handful of heretofore unheard demos and alternate recordings. With their blend of dark driving aggression and sparse arrangements for a brief moment in time the band seemed poised to breakout of the day to day of slogging it out in clubs and onto the international radar but through a series of mishaps ended up a footnote and dissolving into obscurity.

In the liner notes which told of the 13th Chime’s formation and brief ascent as deathrock contenders it was noted that there was a number of recordings that were intended for a full length release and were subsequently shelved at the 11th hour due to record company politics. Sacred Bones Records is now proud to bring to light the long-lost lp. After languishing in the vaults for several decades the 13th Chime full length finally sees the light of day. The cd version collects both the full length and singles collection plus one bonus song called “Pigs” on one disc and includes detailed liner notes that chart the band’s rise and fall.

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