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Trop Tard: Photodrame

Standard Edition: $17.00

Standard Edition (CD): $17

CD contains both Photodrame and Ils Étaient 9 Dans L’Obscurité

Sold out

Cassette Edition: $12.00

Cassette Edition comes as close to an exact reproduction of the original cassette as possible in a video box including the audio tape, a lyric booklet & a poster. Limited to 100 copies.

Trop Tard


Format: LP/CA
Catalog #: SBR-3010
  1. Why Not?
  2. Les Anges D’Aujourd’hui
  3. La Mort Est Humaine
  4. Johnny Is A Loser
  5. Jeux Interdits
  6. Jad Wagen
  7. Introduction A Fuite Mentale
  8. Je T’Attends
  9. Le Chant Des Martyrs
  10. Fuite Mentale
  11. Enfermedad Del Alma
  12. Ma Folie Se Dessiner

Of all languages, French may be the most musically suited to convey the emotion of melancholy. And as the prickly landscape of Photodrame unfolds, the yearning lyrical baritone plays out as a sardonic disgust and surrender to the sorry state of things. Armed with a stripped-down gear set-up of bass, guitar and a single drum machine, the band recorded this at home direct to tape. Sacred Bones is excited to be making this album available on LP for the first time in a limited edition of 700 deluxe LP format.

“Trop tard” is a French term translating to “too late.” It is also the name of one of the darkest and most elusive bands to come out of Europe. For nearly a quarter century the music of Trop Tard has been lost to the world, trapped in the icy expanse of mid-80s provincial France. The trio self released Photodrame k7(1987) and Ils Etaient 9 Dans L’Obscurit√© LP(1988) in extremely limited editions that likely saw little if any distribution outside of their native France. Yet these are two of the true coveted jewels in the crown of the French Cold Wave. Also known as La Vague Froide, the movement was inspired by inspired by British post-punk and legendary producer Martin Hannett, creator of Manchester’s Factory Records sound. Looking back now, 25 years later, Trop Tard stands as one of the purest embodiments of its Romantic spirit.

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