The Ukiah Drag: Dirt Trip / Poison Ivy

The Ukiah Drag

Dirt Trip / Poison Ivy

The Ukiah Drag are Floridians in New England exile: haunted by grave, aberrant definitions of post punk and rock n’ roll and what it ultimately means for the Superego to be blitzed by the Id. The “Dirt Trip” single is the band’s first studio output, recorded by Ben Greenberg of The Men, and offers two menacing tracks. The eponymous A-side wields a heavy creep-beat that cleans your dusty clock and takes you for a bourbon afterwards; its slide guitar and echoplex’d vocals trail bloodthirsty sultans into synesthetic merriment. (more…)

Croatian Amor: Mermaids of Jadransko / Vagina Sword LP

Croatian Amor

Mermaids of Jadransko / Vagina Sword LP

Compilation of two recordings originally released in 2012 on Posh Isolation. Bubblegum Industrial. Euro Magic.Limited edition of 250 Copies.

Communions: Cobblestones



Communions is a new young quartet, from the same four-wall rehearsal space as Copenhagen contemporaries Iceage and Lower, and under the same roof as most of Copenhagen’s new punk, industrial and synth scene — at the studio and venue complex called Mayhem in Copenhagen. (more…)

Destruction Unit: Holy Ghost

Destruction Unit

Holy Ghost / The Church of Jesus Christ

Japanese only 7-inch with bonus track (“The Church of Jesus Christ”) from the Deep Trip sessions. Limited to 200 copies.

Destruction Unit: Deep Trip (Japan)

Destruction Unit

Deep Trip (Japan)

Mirror-board LP-style jacket. Obi strip, original lyrics, lyrics translation, and sleeve notes

Musta Paraati: Peilitalossa

Musta Paraati


Musta Paraati was the first gothic rock act in Finland, and their debut album Peilitalossa (1983) remains a timeless classic. The Svart reissue features a gatefold jacket and a detailed history of the band. Limited Edtion.

Hexenhaus: Jumalan Kosto


Jumalan Kosto

Hexenhaus were one of the most fascinating and original Finnish post-punk bands in the mid-80s, drawing their decadent momentum from the alleys shadowed by factory chimneys of the industrial town of Pori. Rocking in the spirit of Virgin Prunes and Bauhaus, Hexenhaus embody a touch of the insane horror of The Cramps and Peter Straub as well as the humanity of Hermann Hesse. Scraping off the coarse layer of ominous nihilism reveals a shade of pink softness and unrestrained twinkle, which sets Hexenhaus apart from their contemporaries. Full Contact Records (Ektro) releases this compilation LP together with Svart Records. Jumalan Kosto includes Hexenhaus’ debut single Ikiyö/Katakombi, the unreleased follow-up single, various demo takes from along the band’s career from 1984 to 1987, and their last recording Suutele Minua Kate picked from the compilation EP Antakke Leipä.

Various Artists: Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer

Various Artists

Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer

Like a milk tooth, in a small plastic shrine, with a mirror in the lid, under the pillow. Limited edition of 600 copies.

Croation Amor: The World

Croation Amor

The World

“The lovers lost, that’s all.” Recorded January – August 2013. 400 copies.

Hand of Dust: Without Grace or Glory

Hand of Dust

Without Grace or Glory

Absolute perfection from Denmark. Poetic lyrics and a haunting sense of urgency. A fine companion for the end of winter. Members of Sexdrome and Torchlight. Strict edition of 300. Hand stamped labels and lyric sheet.

Ukiah Drag: Jazz Mamma is Crying

Ukiah Drag

Jazz Mamma is Crying

Jazz Mama Is Cryin is the debut vinyl release of the Ukiah Drag from Providence-via-Boston-via-Florida, masters of desert-fried psych punk garbage. It was originally released in a limited run on cassette on Ascetic House. Like many of that great label’s releases, it was impossible to find for most, so it made sense to the band to have the tape remixed, remastered, and cut to a 45rpm 12-inch for the best possible quality and additional accessibility. A one-time pressing of 300 copies. Mastered by Kris Lapke, cut by Josh Bonati.

Belgrado: Vicious Circle


Vicious Circle / Panopticon

Belgrado are back following an immense debut album from 2011. Based in Barcelona and with members from Venezuela, Poland and Spain Belgrado have been turning heads for those listening to contemporary anarcho DIY post punk. This two track single, released on time for their Canada and USA tour is a sample of what is to come on their second full length, to be recorded as soon as they return from tour. Sonically more dynamic than previous recordings the two tracks of this single sound extremely busy yet solid on the rhythm section with their trademark echoplex filled guitar riffs and distant female voice. Bringing to mind Skeletal Family, Brigandage or Blood and Roses. Running between goth and post punk while keeping a foot firmly in the DIY anarchist scene.

Lodro: If Life Was Like a Movie


If Life Was Like a Movie

Born in a cavernous Brooklyn warehouse in the winter of 2013, LODRO is branded with an ominous desolation. Fueled by the intricate and shadowy perspectives of Jeremy Cox, Jigmae Baer (both formerly of Royal Baths), and Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends), the trio has made their presence known through a blitzkrieg of brilliantly unsettling live shows and a small glimpse down what promises to be a deep rabbit hole of analog home recordings.

Var: No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers (Japenese CD)


No One Dances quite Like My Brothers

Mirror-board LP-style jacket. Obi strip, original lyrics, lyrics translation, and sleeve notes.

Arctic Flowers: Reveries

Arctic Flowers


One of the most well known of Portland’s fertile post punk influenced scene, Arctic Flowers follows up their well received debut EP and split with Spectres. Their sound builds on the foundation of UK anarchopunk meeting their previous work with such bands as Signal Lost and The Observers. This 12-inch has 8 songs leaning more towards the hardcore end of the spectrum while throwing in the occasional Mob influenced bit of melodic punk.

Distributed exclusively by Secretly Canadian

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