Sex Church: 6 Songs By Sex Church


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Sex Church

6 Songs By Sex Church

Format: LP
Label: Convulsive

Sex Church is a band from Vancouver, Canada. Their music is inspired by depression, frustration, disappointment and other such inner turmoils that are the sources of great works of art. Like bands such as The Wipers and Cheater Slicks, Sex Church takes that gloom and doom and spews it out in a punk and garage blueprint mixed with some hard driving krautrock repetitiveness as well as melodic shoegaze elements, and turn something ugly into something beautiful. 6 Songs by Sex Church, their debut full length LP, shows the world what this band is truly capable of featuring moody numbers like “Old Enough,” “I Don’t Wanna Die” and “The Floor,” as well ripping hard driving numbers like “Not Anymore,” “Ghost” and “Mistaken.” A perfect follow up to their single on Sweet Rot Records and a perfect record for fans of bummer rock n drone. First edition of 500

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