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Gary War: Police Water

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Gary War

Police Water

Format: 12"EP"
Catalog #: SBR-042
Side A:
  1. Born of Light
  2. Engur
  3. On Its Head
Side B:
  1. Grounds for Termination
  2. Who and Why
  3. Sirens
  4. Reality Protest *
  5. Hollow Futures *

* CD-EP only

On the heels of the recently released 7-inch, Reality Protest, New York City’s mastermind Gary War delivers a new six song EP. Recorded just this summer (2010), Police Water sees War’s audio explorations breaking new ground in electronic prog and pop other-worlds. These new pieces reveal new experiments in song-approach, structure, sampling, and tightly synced synthesization. Meanwhile War delves further into tape manipulation and post-future digital recording techniques. The overall feel of Police Water vibrates with post-apocalyptic urgency but ultimately carries the listener in through the darkness and out into light. This new work spans War’s full emotional range, and never abandons his hopes of a more enlightened collective consciousness for the future of the human race. Heavily experimental yet highly accessible and hook- laden, Police Water is the next stage in War’s singular and specific vision of a real future pop music. Gary War will be touring Europe this fall and recording a live split album in Italy with label mate Zola Jesus. This winter, War will start working on a follow-up full length to his critically acclaimed (Wire Mag’s #23 album of 2009), Horribles Parade.

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